Content and training procedure  

The Back Fit Challenge teaches you how to make your back fit for everyday life or sport and provides simple exercises around how to solve your back problems, naturally, within a few weeks or less. The online training consists of special back exercises suitable for almost any space, based on the latest scientific findings and recommended by the world's best back pain experts, as well as a large number of videos on back-friendly postures and movements for everyday life. All you need for this training is a broomstick or pole and in some cases a chair, towel or minimal space on a wall.
To ensure that you benefit from fast and lasting training success, we will put together an individual training plan based on your self-test, which is optimally tailored to you. With a balanced mixture of strengthening and mobilizing units, elements from fascial training and proven exercises from back experts all over the world, we are here to help you work on your very personal goals - whenever and wherever you want!
Your Challenge lasts 6 weeks in total and your training plan consists of 10 exercises each (plus warm-up and cool-down). You are required to do the training twice per week in order to receive your certificate of participation for the health insurance at the end. For even quicker progress, you can also train up to 5 times a week. Each training session is about 30 minutes long (plus theory and posture videos). Every two weeks, we will activate a new training plan for you. In the cases of vacation or illness, you can pause your training in your personal login area. In the login area, you can always check your training progress, view your exercises and training plans as well as get the best tips for motivation, nutrition and a conscious everyday life. If you are interested in even more motivation to complete your plan, we will send you a training reminder to your mobile phone as often as you’d like. To guarantee maximum flexibility, you can access the Back Fit Challenge from all internet-compatible devices.

Here is a small insight into the training area of Back Fit Challenge:

Your 3-step path to a healthy back


Ramin shows you exercises in the field of mobility. Having good mobility not only helps to reduce stress on the joints, but it is also a prerequisite to counteract compensatory movements of the back and thus, overloading the spine.


Gisela will show you how to achieve increased stability and motor control in your body´s center. Having a stable core and control over movements prevents the development of compensatory movements in everyday life and training..

movement patterns

Carolin will show you how you can integrate your newly gained mobility and stability into total body movement patterns so that the effects last longer. Whole body movements reflect the functions of our body in everyday life and therefore, are most effective. In special back-friendly posture videos, Carolin also shows you how you can consciously achieve improvement in overall back posture and strength in everyday life.


Holistic approach

In addition, the Back Fit Challenge is a holistic training program that focuses on the sustainable back health of each participant. Back pain sufferers are often inclined to receive pain relief as quickly as possible and, as soon as they feel better, old behaviors are often resumed. This leads to recurring cases of back problems and a tendency for these related issues to become chronic. Additionally, increased back problems are also the most common reason for the inability to work in western countries. It is not only physical problems such as herniated discs or muscular imbalances that lead to back pain, but also multifactorial causes such as psychosocial problems, stress, depression, smoking, an inflammatory diet, etc. These are some of the reasons why our participant documents also include tips and exercises to improve your overall mental attitude, reduce stress, sustain a consistently healthy lifestyle as well as guide your diet towards achieving various anti-inflammatory benefits.
A healthy back allows us to walk comfortably and upright throughout our life. Not only does it bring our body into balance, but it also influences our mental balance in particular. Therefore, if you take on the challenge and actively do something about your recurring back issues, you will not only be freed from the frustrating pain that can hinder your everyday activities, but you will also be able to encourage a healthy mindset in other areas of your life as well. More quality of life, performance and vitality in everyday life are waiting for you. So, it’s time to begin your personalized, Back Fit Challenge and start your training today!

Who is behind the Challenge?

The RFC-Fitness GmbH was founded in December 2015 by Ramin Waraghai and Niels Kretzschmar. With the Back Fit Challenge, we offer a highly efficient online back training program with individualized training plans. In December 2016, the training was certified by the Central Test Centre for Prevention, which means that up to 100% of the costs are covered by health insurance companies in Germany. Our goal is to encourage people to take care of their own back health, to move towards being independent of frequent doctor visits, painkillers or other passive methods and also, to be able to live a vital and powerful life--with the highest quality of life and performance possible. With the individualized online program, we would like to encourage each participant to train in a way that is independent of time and place and individualized and reasonable.

"Take on challenges that make you stronger and inspire you, then life will no longer present you with challenges that weaken and frustrate you."