The self-test 

The prerequisite for your individual training plan

Only 10% of all back pain comes as a result of direct damage, e.g. from fractures, tumors or nerve root cell lesions. The majority of pain, however, is nonspecific and not directly correlated with the particular diagnosis made. Rather, back pain can often come from a complex interplay of compensatory movements and physical overload in day-to-day life.
However, what’s more important than knowing the diagnosis, is knowing where those actual weaknesses lie in order to be able to address the possible, root causes.
For this purpose, we have developed a self-test that reveals your strengths and weaknesses in mobility as well as stability and thus, enables us to provide you with an individually customized training plan. The self-test consists of 7 exercises, takes and only a few minutes to complete. All you need on hand is a stick or broom handle (or something else of the sort).

Your 3-step path to a healthy back


Gisela will show you how to achieve increased stability and motor control in your body´s center. Having a stable core and control over movements prevents the development of compensatory movements in everyday life and training..


Ramin shows you exercises in the field of mobility. Having good mobility not only helps to reduce stress on the joints, but it is also a prerequisite to counteract compensatory movements of the back and thus, overloading the spine.

movement patterns

Carolin will show you how you can integrate your newly gained mobility and stability into total body movement patterns so that the effects last longer. Whole body movements reflect the functions of our body in everyday life and therefore, are most effective. In special back-friendly posture videos, Carolin also shows you how you can consciously achieve improvement in overall back posture and strength in everyday life.

What you will receive...

Assistance with back and neck problems

  • Tension relief through numerous exercises from the current fascia training
  • Special exercises to prevent back pain
  • Methods to recognize and avoid the causes of neck tension
  • Over 20 videos on back-friendly postures in everyday life

A customized training plan to sustain a healthy back

  • Individual training plan compiled from over 120 exercises
  • 6 weeks of training exercises, whenever and wherever you want, without special equipment
  • Exercises recommended by back pain experts around the world
  • Motivation tips to help you complete the various challenges
  • Tips for changing dietary habits to prevent inflammatory pain

Further features

  • Detailed training videos with common mistakes and tips for the correct execution
  • Options to pick easier or more difficult variations of the exercises
  • Messageboard to connect with other participants
  • Direct contact with the trainer
  • Training plan as a PDF
  • A reminder function
  • Opportunity for training program to be paused
  • A skip button to skip the explanations

What our customers say

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